By: Janice Anne Melendres


I am writing this informal report just to say how mad I am at these websites that con you! You know, these websites that have a video where the person looks like he is well off and makes ridiculous amounts of money?!

Well, I’m not having it! I just want to tell you the bad experiences I’ve had with these sites. I will reveal also which sites these are, what method of communication they come to you at, and how they are able to sucker you out of your money.

WAIT! – what if they try to sue you for deformation of character? Well, they are not above the law and the practices they do go against the FTC (Federal Trade Commission—you know, the section of government in business that suppose to keep us safe against fraud and so forth…). In other words, they can try to put me down, but I won’t go down without a fight!

Something happens to you where you desperately need money

Your reaction, if you have the means, is to check what is available online. You think the information on there is the latest, and besides, just like that All State Insurance commercial where the blond chick states “..they can’t put anything in the internet that isn’t true.” The man replied, “Where did you hear that?” They both said in sync, “The Internet.”

Stop that!

God gave you a brain so you can use it! When you rely on second hand information, it is hearsay. Use critical thinking! What is critical thinking you say? Critical thinking is taking all of what you know about a subject and to make a judgment based off objective information, not subjective (using emotions). It is like doing a 360-degree intake of information and have it base on semantics. That’s another word you should know: Semantics. It is a way on how you perceive the information, the language, or the study of logic.

Well, back to what I was saying. Don’t get desperate; that is a way that these scheming websites can con you. Like moths to a flame, you are drawn to the infomercial video that is presented. You know why? The message is very convincing.

They start off the video like this person is already rich and you want to mimic that lifestyle. Reality check: this person is a total actor! The villa was rented out. The computer prop with the site showing was a complete set up of their affiliate accounts. Just think about it— if this person is that rich, who’s to say that he didn’t prop the results too with his computer programmers? It’s all a set up. There may be a drop of truth to it. The wealth generated was made by a completely different person (probably the one who directed the business video in the first place).

Just to keep you on your toes— that last statement I said was hearsay too! I don’t know that person who is represented as the complete millionaire. His name was Aaron Ward. He could be utterly fictional; selling you the idea of the vastness of moneymaking from the Internet. Or, he could be the real deal. Those are the drawbacks. We just don’t know if that is a real person. It’s based off the perception you get from the media. 

Watch out!

Sometimes they will stop a couple times on the video to say that you don’t know them and they don’t know you; and that they like to keep their anonymity. It is a bunch of crock! That is a tactic to sell you on their integrity. Yes, you don’t know them. But before you buy the program, I think it behooves you to see what this person is all about via the Internet (how ironic, eh?). Do your due diligence of critical thinking and check as many resources first before you buy into their program.

I got to admit, that was the one mistake I did, and that was not to do my research first before I bought the program. That is why I want to share this with you because I don’t want you to fall in the same trap. You are being played by your emotions. They can conjure feelings of awe, hate, animosity, anger, and then finally, hope. It is a classic sales tactic.

Moving forward, I did end up buying the program to test if it is really useable. I had the funds to do so anyways. I risked it because I budgeted for it. Then, I noticed that it was just like those late night infomercial set-ups.

Almost a decade ago, I worked swing shift as a housekeeper at a hospital and the program kind of reminded me of those nights when I would stay up late. When I come home, I would be too tired to do anything else. Like most people, my lifestyle consisted of living paycheck to paycheck, and turning on the television to find these infomercials on how to make money if I were to purchase their program.

Once you order ..

the program and you are on that stage where you have your credit card in hand, they throw these up-sells to you. Don’t get them. It’s just another way for them to squeeze money out of you. Just bypass them. Probably, one of those upsells is to expedite the order by paying an extra $19.95, where you can have your program by tomorrow. Once again, think about it— you’ve been poor this long, what does five extra days of waiting for it make a difference, right? If you are the impatient type, well, I don’t know what to say. You have to change your outlook on things. Ok, picture it as if you are being suckered more out of your money than you already are in the process. Maybe that will make you be more patient in your current situation. Also, look at patience as a skill in making yourself to be an efficient and compelling entrepreneur!

Heck, that’s what these programs are all about. They are there to get you to become an entrepreneur, which those people that are selling the programs and processes are doing.

You finally receive the package

…(back then) snail mail or currently, digitally over the Internet. How did you feel when you received your program? Shocked, happy, nervous? All of the above? It’s normal. I know I felt those same emotions. When I opened my email to see how I received the program, it gave me all the information on the invoice and what my login is and my user-id that I will be using. I logged onto the program. Hold on--

this program looks familiar. It looks like the one that I ordered about a year ago. Dammit! I got suckered in again. Of course, I went back to my email with the customer support information and I quickly requested a refund. Oh, by the way, I highly recommend to check their guarantee badges—icons on their website that would say how long your trial period is before you keep the program for good. Luckily, they had a 60-day money back guarantee, and that if I were to cancel for any reason, I can still keep the membership for as long as I can. I took up that offer (Tip: always look for badges like that).

Well, since I still had access to the membership, I perused around the site to see if anything was different. This site was the Empire Network! The same site that I bought the year before! How trifling! I thought to myself— they’re good. They must have employed some good marketing graduates from Harvard, or have some secret ties with top psychologist of our country, because they got me swayed for the second time!

So, I became vigilant and did some reverse engineering. I found out that there were key players all ranging from the same group of ‘infopreneurs’. They were under MLSP (My Lead System Pro), Empire Network, and now, Empower Network.

I like to say they must be doing something good for them to be in business for this long, but on the flip side, their ‘good’ is border lining some ethical boundaries.

The reason why they are generating so much income is because they are getting people to subscribe to their syndications. Honestly, all they are doing is creating hype on the same information that you are getting on the Internet, which is for free! They just took all the same business information and regurgitated to a high pitched, high profile looking networks where their webpages look like gold and solicit you the fantasy.

I’m not saying this to prevent you from joining their networks. I encourage you to do so, as a matter of fact. This way you can learn it the hard way. You can spend all the money you like to ‘invest’ in that business. But, unlike those people, I do have a soul! I like to do projects where I know that in the end I am doing good for people and it makes for good karma.

So, what now? Well, this is my take on it…in this business it takes time to establish yourself in the online community, hence, it is completely opposite of what these schemes are soliciting. The reality is this: all good businesses were not started on get rich quick. You must cultivate your website to be optimal in getting the traffic you need. They should have renamed it ‘Get Rich Starting Quickly;’ in other words, take action now so that way you are positioned in the market to start generating that income. Heck, even the infomercials to these get-rich-quick websites usually mention that they started a couple of years ago. It goes along the same lines of the business acumen: start-ups usually won’t see the return of their investment until 2 to 3 years after they commence their business.

My words of advice:

·      Be vigilant, protect your investment, which is yourself!

·      Don’t be afraid of it (Internet).

·      Test and test again until you see the results.

·      Don’t buy anything until you know it can benefit you.

And one last thing…

Be good to your fellow man; being altruistic!


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Wow! I am so surprised in myself! I made 4 websites in 4 days-- actually, I launched them in a span of 4 days. 

I am the kind of person, that when I am passionate about something, I get extra motivated. I think that is the trick to life-- if you want it so bad, you have to work for it. I like to throw a little fun at it. When a project is not fun I deflate and lose interest. 

So, if you are passionate about what to do for establishing a financially viable life, then be passionate about what you are doing. You can totally monetize on your hobbies and strengths.

Lady Liberty with the fireworks display.
If you work for the Federal government, your business falls within the government's holiday calendar, or you work independently -- then lucky you! You most likely have a four day weekend.

But if you are one of those people that happen to work in a retail type of job-- I'm sorry you are in that situation. :-(

I used to be in your situation last year. The retail chain that I worked for would have me closing the store most fourth of July s, which can be bleak, especially when you want to join your family and friends for the BOOM BOOM POW!

I say, take that heat that you have in your head for working in a holiday and get yourself motivated and pumped up-- DO SOMETHING! And in something, I mean plan yourself out of not working in that type of condition any more.

Here are Course-of-Action tips that I would suggest:

1. Write all the PROS and CONS of why you are doing that job.
2. If the PROS outweigh the CONS, then stay if you must (this is figuratively known as GOLDEN HANDCUFFS). But, if you are just tired of working that kind of schedule, then I think it is time for you to find another type of career path, or better yet-- start your own business.
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